Where Should We Vacation?

There has been much debate as to where our family should vacation and where. I'd like to open this up for comments and see what past vacations people enjoyed and if they liked the time of year they went. Let us know!

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How many mice do you have running around your house?

For the past couple of days we've been thinking (hearing!) that we have mice. Finally one night, we saw one scurry across the room and duck into a little hole behind our refrigerator. The next day we saw it on our counter. It ate through a new loaf of bread we had out, and probably some other stuff. Anyway, we got some traps and set out to get rid of him once and for all. To our dismay, our mouse was pretty smart... he knew how to eat peanut butter off a mouse trap without getting caught. The next day we got a few different mouse traps, one type being the pad of glue... again, our mouse must have been around, because he knew not to walk on the glue and would scamper around the dang thing. I was so mad! Tonight I was determined to get him. For a couple of hours, I was chasing him around from our kitchen, to the living room, to him being under the piano, then into the laundry room, back to the piano, back to the kitchen, etc. We had traps of all sorts everywhere. Finally, I gave up, walked away and decided to take a break only to come back to a dumb mouse on the glue pad. Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment I felt? but wait, it's not over, out of the corner of my eye, I saw another mouse go under our piano! We had two mice. I hurried and grabbed another glue pad and slid it under the piano near the mouse, who, being just as smart as the other decided it to be a better idea to walk around the pad. I pulled out the piano scared the heck out of it and guess where it ran? right into the glue pad! YES!! I GOT HIM! Again, feeling pretty puffed up about the fact that I had caught 2 mice in a 20 minute period, I took them outside (still stuck to the pads) and threw them into the dumpster. It was over!! Or was it? not 15 minutes later, another mouse got caught on another glue pad (can anyone say best invesment ever? maybe not best, but still pretty dang good). Then 5 minutes later, SNAPPP!!! one of the traps on our counter went off, we had caught yet another mouse... that's 4 mice within a 45 minute period! and as I'm blogging this I actually saw another under our stove... where does it end? anyway, here's a couple of pictures I took with my iPhone of the last 2 mice caught... enjoy! and maybe you have mice too!

I Love UPS!!!


What can Brown do for you?

Aaron began driving a UPS truck in the middle of May. The brown uniform is by far my favorite. He loves it too. So every day he gets to go deliver packages all day in Superior. He leaves at 7 and gets home about 7:30 every night. These are pretty long hours, especially when I am at home all day with my crazy toddler and adorable baby. Now Aaron claims his job is hard, and I know some days it is, but there are also some perks I have recently learned about. I often times call him while he is working and he will have me hold while he delivers a package. I thoroughly enjoy the conversations he has with other people (mostly women) while he is working. They are pretty flirty and who wouldn't be (have you seen the brown uniform)?!? Then I learned he gets to go to Rock Bottom Brewery's head office and sample new beverages. Sounds rough I know, hard work. He also delivers to a Sport Clips where the women are constantly wanting to cut his hair. Rough Life.

Ok, he really does work hard. Just look at the picture of his truck from Friday. I love that he is such a good, hard worker, not to mention an awesome husband and amazing dad.

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