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So much has happened since my last blog entry. Tuesday the 5th I had an Interview with the Regional Communications Manager of UPS. I feel that the interview went great but I haven't heard anything back yet. The next day, the head of Security at my UPS building sought me out and we had a short interview, not exactly what I'm looking for but hey, it was still an interview. The next day I had yet another interview with a Manager within the I.E. (Industrial Engineering) Department at UPS. This wouldn't be too bad but still it isn't exactly what I'm looking for. It was quite interesting that all of a sudden I had these interviews. I was told by the manager on Thursday (3rd interview) to come back on Monday and she would introduce me to another of the Managers within the I.E. Deptartment... so on Monday I had yet another informal interview. So, we'll see what happens.

Aside from work, Valentine's has come and passed. I'd have to say that this year I think I did pretty good! I got Emily a silver iPod Shuffle, a $15 iTunes giftcard, 2 Flower arrangments, new measuring cups, and a picture fram with a picture that Aydan and I drew together of our family. Because I leave so early in the morning for work (3:30am) I arranged it all nicely on the kitchen table before I left. I got some pretty cool stuff my self, Emily being sneaky, left a Red Bull in my car along with a card and some candy. She also got me some new Basketball stuff (Shorts, Ball, Shoes, Shirt, Socks) - which leads me into my next "much to blog about".

Friday the 15th was my first Church Basketball game. I've never played church sports before. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't played any organized sport since high school and that was Soccer, Swimming, and Volleyball. It was pretty fun; I invited 3 guys from work and they showed up. 2 of the 3 play pretty much everyday on a Rec league so they're pretty good. Needless to say, we won!

I'm sure I have more to blog about but it's getting late and I need to get up early so this will be all for tonight.

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