Tripoley - thanks to some friends

Have you ever played tripoley before? If you haven't, get on google and do a quick search. It's a game of poker, hearts, and rummy. We're still in Breckenridge and in about 15 minutes we'll be playing this great game. For those of you who know me probably also know that my wife seems to kick butt at almost any game she plays. It really is something strange. Anyway, back to what I was talking about, we we're introduced to tripoley from our friends Matt and Mindy. Anytime we go to the mountains, we play tripoley. I can't help but think of our great friends Matt and Mindy. Yes, they may be older and wiser than us ( the whole 4 year difference!) but I don't know what we'd do if they ever left. Where would we go and hang out for hours on end on a Saturday night? Who would have introduced us to Helga's German Restaurant?who would have converted me to the Mac? I'm sure the list could go on but the point is that they're great!

Back to tripoley - it's addicting and once you play you'll want to go buy the game - it's hard to find, so ask and I'll help you out.

Aaron J. Shafenberg
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Matt said...

I think you would survive if we ever left, but you would not survive if you did not have a Mac and iPhone. I feel my life slowly ticking away as I wait for my Verizon contract to expire. Ughhh........

Matt said...

Dude, you need to let others know about your blog.

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